Crop Monetization

As repayment for your trust and loyalty, our experts do everything we can to help your business flourish. That’s easy to say, but how exactly do we do it?

We want to help you acclimate to the hemp industry. We understand this may be a new crop for you and there are regulations you’ve never dealt with before. We are here to answer your questions, however big or small. And unlike the other guys, we make ourselves available to you through the sale of your harvested CBD biomass. Whatever you need from our staff, you can always contact us for reliable solutions.

We make CBD hemp farming easy and straightforward. That’s one of the reasons we only offer one strain that has proven to be both reliable and lucrative.

With five decades of young plant propagation and nursery operations under our belts, along with 350 highly trained professionals, you can rest easy that we will deliver on time and on scale. There is no order too big or too small whether it’s un-rooted clippings or fully rooted clones.

By providing clean, uniform and identical young plants, we offer a more consistent baseline. When you have control over what is going in, you can be confident about what comes out.

We use 50 count trays. 50 count trays create a superior root structure and are easy to ship. We also provide 72 cell hemo clones per tray for our farmers with automated planting equipment.

We ship throughout the continental United States, serving customers from Maine to California.

Whether it’s your first time making a purchase, or you want to hear more about how we help farmers achieve success with hemp, reach out today.