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Tagawa is an experienced resource for hemp farmers who depend on products that are tested, reliable, trustworthy, and consistent. We’ll guide you from planting your clones to selling your crop, and everything in between.

Tagawa supports farmers by offering consulting services free of charge. Whether you have questions with growing, harvesting, drying, storing, or converting biomass into oil, Tagawa’s experts are available to support your business.



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Experienced Logistics

We regularly ship plants all across the U.S.

Deep cell 90 mm Ellepot clones

PowerStarts is the only clone that comes in a 90 mm X 40 mm root mass size

One Strain

Our clones are for CBD oil production, they grow well across all regions in the US and boast a CBD:THC ratio of 27:1.

Easy Billing

We provide simple and easy billing procedures


We only sell to licensed farmers

Free Consultation

Our growers will consult with our farmers and we will not charge a fee.

Why ?

Tagawa Greenhouse™ brings the certainty and experience you need to maximize your success with hemp.

The Tagawa family and organization has been helping farmers, nurseries, and large-scale retailers achieve success from young plants for over 50 years. Purchasing agents from well known big box centers and grocery chains, along with owners from over 2,500 farms and wholesale nurseries, all trust us for sourcing their young plants.

For the 2020 season we are exclusively offering the Sweetened Strain. Sweetened is a hybrid between Cherry and Otto II. The Sweetened strain has proven to be stable and will result in the highest CBD and legal THC level when harvested properly. The genetics are 27:1 CBD:THC with a seven-week maturity.

Why ? 


Our mother plants are grown 75 miles southeast of Albuquerque, NM in the high mountain plateau, the best climate in North America.  

  • 281 days of full sunshine
  • Highest light levels and quality of light in the United States
  • Pure glass greenhouses for light transmission similar to outdoor production with low humidity resulting in improved growth 



Established in 1967, two of Tagawa’s founders are actively involved in the PowerStarts hemp division on a daily basis.

  • Our Production Manager has 40 years of growing and greenhouse experience, with a degree in horticulture from University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • We employ 12 professional growers across all of our facilities


  • Clippings are allowed to re-hydrate in our proprietary moisture chamber
  • Rooted in deep-cell 90 mm X 40 mm EllePot
  • Pinched after three weeks to maximize branch growth
  • Placed in our toning house for one week before shipping to begin acclimation for field transplanting
  • Shipped in climate-controlled trailers direct to the farm with all documentation required by federal, state, and local jurisdictions



Tagawa’s team stands ready to consult as needed:

  • Phone and video consultations easily scheduled
  • Access to our best practices for planting, growing, harvesting, drying, curing, and storage
  • Support with processing and selling crop


Hemp Clones vs. Seedlings

Clones bring certainty, while seeds are still unproven and add risk and costs to farming hemp. With seeds you will likely have 15% male plants, regardless what you are promised by your seed broker. These males will cost you hours of labor culling them. Along with the cost to cull the male’s plants comes the lost opportunity cost at a rate of 1.5 to 2 lbs. per culled plant.

PowerStarts™ give you confidence that your CBD:THC ratio will be 27:1, 99.9% will be females, they will grow uniformly making harvesting and drying less costly. PowerStarts™ will cost more upfront, but will provide a greater ROI making them the best investment for your success.

The Sweetened Strain

Tagawa takes the stress out of choosing strains. For the 2020 season, we are offering the Sweetened Strain, a hybrid between Cherry and Otto II.

The Sweetened Strain has reliably proven to be stable and result in the highest CBD and low THC levels when harvested. The genetics are 27:1 CBD:THC with a seven-week maturity.

Sweetened strain hemp has the characteristics of both Cherry and Otto II genetics,featuring a stocky plant with short internodes and a sweet aromatic profile with notes of cedar, citrus, and pepper.

The terpene profile is high in Caryophyllene, Humulene, Guaiol, and a-Bisabolo.

Seed Sowing

JumpStarts is a service we provide to those farmers who are adamant about having a tap root and confident with the seeds they have bought.

For the reasons stated above, Tagawa is not providing seeds to its customers; however, Tagawa provides this service and performs the sowing and early stage growth in its greenhouse facilities for large farms that choose seedlings as their starts and have a seed source they are confident with.

Farmers First

Tagawa’s job might be growing and selling plants, but our mission is to assist our farming customers in any way possible so that they will be profitable with their yield. Click below to learn more. 

Ready to order? 

Tagawa Greenhouse™ is the most trusted hemp clone grower in the nation, because we back-up our CBD:THC ratios with certificates of analysis, provide full-service consultations free of charge, a reliable and experienced shipping team, and so much more.

To place an order, ask more questions, or request a tour of our facilities, contact one of our representatives today by clicking the button below or calling 719-341-4367.