Risk Management

The way a family business stays in business is by treating its employees and clients like family. To be as invested in their success as they are in yours. 

That’s not always the easiest or most profitable thing to do in the short-term, but we believe that’s the only way you create long-term, sustained success. Over time, in a great partnership, everyone benefits.

PowerStarts only cultivates and sells the Sweetened Strain. We do this because a Sweetened phenotype is proven to yield the maximum level of CBD without going “hot.” Of course, it’s important you don’t allow them to mature for too long! This is an entirely different crop than you’ve ever grown before.

We are dedicated to developing the heartiest genetics with a trusted 27:1 ratio. We also take great care to ensure that you will have consistently sized plants, which means uniformly spaced fields. 

We choose clones over seeds for a few reasons. Working with all-female clones reduces unforeseen labor costs and the headache of culling male plants. This also means you will also have 100% confidence in the genetics and CBD ratio. The clones can be planted uniformly, and you can count on their root structure. And, rather than losing significant biomass, female clones are a more efficient investment for you. When you consider that most feminized seeds still prove to be 10% male, and then only 90% of those germinate when planted directly into the field, clearly clones are the way to go.