Young Plants

Your “One Stop Shop”

Tagawa’s state-of-the-art facilities focus on the most efficient plug a liner production – offering more than 2,300 unique varieties, so think of us as your “one-stop-shop” young plants.

Choose from a full lineup of best-selling varieties, including the most popular standard and premium vegetative and seed grown products.

In addition to our 288, 324, 432, and 512 plug trays, we offer an economical 128 tray, faster turn plug to save finished bench space.

Tagawa Greenhouse partners with world class vegetative breeders such as Ball FloraPlant, Selecta One, Sungenta, Westhoff, Danzinger, and more, to offer the best vegetative liners in the market.

Our prefinished pots are ideal for use in hanging baskets and combo’s by week 6. In addition the prefinished program will help save time, labor and energy when used as a quick turnaround for retail-ready plants.

With over 50 years of plug production experience, Tagawa Greenhouse is able to provide all of the plug, liners, and prefinished you need and more!

Vegetative Programs

• 50 Tray
• 102 Tray
• 200 Tray

Plug Programs

• 128 Tray
• 288 Tray
• Punchable 324 Tray
• Punchable 432 Tray
• 512 Tray


• 4.25” Pot Spring Annuals
• 4.5” & 6.0” Fall Cyclamen

Ball Horticultural

Tagawa is an exclusive Ball
Horticultural partner

10 things we do better than competition

Tagawa continues to invest heavily in people, systems, and facilities to provide the best products in the industry

Consistent timely communication on delivery ETA, Delays, or order issues

24/7 accessibility to placing orders with 100% accurate availability

Live customer service at 303-659-1260 ext.248

Technical support from the experts when you need it

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Over 98% Order Fill against original order and closing in on 100% with customer acceptable substitutes for unavailable items

Increased buffer to ensure full delivery, 22% average buffer on seed raised plugs and 8% buffer on Vegetative liners

The most dependable weekly truck delivery in the industry

Your professional Tagawa sales rep is at the ready to make you money

Your One Source

Tagawa provides professional growers with a fast, efficient and economical trucking network. With guaranteed ship weeks and temperature controlled trucks, this system delivers healthy, ready-to transplant products directly to your greenhouse.

We provide the highest level of customer service to help you grow your business, and we continue to expand our services to cover all of your needs from our state-of-the-art facilities based in Denver, Colorado.

We are proud to offer a strong prefinished program, with young prefinished plants ready for retail in Spring and Fall. Growers who want to turn their facilities or retail spaces more quickly and profitably will love this solution!

At Tagawa, we want to be your one source for liners, plugs and prefinished plants – to help your business thrive.

Dependable Delivery Network

The most extensive dedicated grower truck delivery network, covering all of North America.

This ensures you receive your products directly to your door (in most cases) at the lowest possible cost. Our fast, efficient and economical system includes guaranteed ship weeks and orders shipped in temperature-controlled trucks – so all products delivered to your greenhouse are healthy and ready to transplant and thrive.

Tagawa consolidates shipments from local Denver greenhouses to yours, on one climate-controlled truck – saving you additional time and money.

Save Time and Labor with Prefinished Plants

Discover the perfect solution to quick and profitable turns for your facilities or retail spaces.

Spring Prefinished

During the Winter months, we get young plants started in 4.25-in. (11-cm) pots in perfectly controlled greenhouses. The prefinished plant is ideal for use in hanging baskets and combos by Week 6. From here, our Southeast and Midwest customers only need about two weeks and a simple routine to bring these plants to market. Our customers save time, labor and energy with the quick turnaround of these full and healthy, retail-ready plants. You get what you need – as soon as possible.

A to Z Listing of All Varieties